Metaverse for Healthcare

VIRTUAL MEDICAL HUB is a low cost early beta on demand curated private and personalized 3D and XR medical & health spaces for patient and provider training

Diverse Avatars


Metaverse enabled with 3D and WebXR with role playing avatars Choose your own avatar type for patient/provider based on your country of location instead of “standard models” with skin color, face, attire” including cultural attires too. Full and Half body avatars based on scenarios. 3D avatars may be imported or created using our 3rd party partner service or Synthethic data sets (patient privacy protected).
Learn more about the avatars and the WebXR Hub here

Women Healthcare

One of our core goals is to address women healthcare – not just from provider point of view as a “medical need” but more empathetic content that addresses personalization for the underserved women in cardiovascular care and other critical health areas based on their needs.

Metaverse Rooms

“Not your one type space” sensitive to the location where you virtually train. Try for free these rooms for a month*. Adjusted to your location and low latency.
Room types may vary. Some sample rooms

  • De-Brief room
  • Emergency room
  • Patient case study room
  • CPR Skill room
  • Patient 360 room
  • *Customize room and cloud costs with various metaverse service models using NFT and more

    Conversational AI


    Voice and XR

    Patient Station
  • Virtual Training Spaces-aligned to your specific training needs
  • Conversational Scenarios with AI & NLP
  • Avatar Creation with our partner (build any avatar) from selfie or create your own patient types.
  • Custom built scenarios takes days not months to build
  • Secure cloud multi technology stacks AWS, Mozilla Hubs Cloud, Three.js, Babylon.js based on WebXR standards
  • Don’t just build with one standard physical manikin or virtual scenarios difficult to adapt to your own. We help you build your own customized spaces using 3D models, 360 or volumetric based technologies using XR and AI.
    Build many scenarios that represents your training using our metaverse model – Virtual Medical Hub.
    Join us for a FREE TRIAL early beta access

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