Healthcare Education Immersive Solutions

Our immersive products and solutions are based on use case driven solutions using right-fit standalone mobile VR solutions (platform and content) which reduces training time compared to traditional learning for helping transition to better education and training outcomes.

Medical Education

Classimmerse is an advanced VR content builder platform and content solution built for medical students, pre-medical and CME/CE/CUE pre-test preparation supplemental tool using text to voice with test timers. The enterprise no-code platform will be a version for CME providers, instructors and lifesciences or medical enterprises to customize lessons.

Health Education

Health and Patient Education is important for students as well as clinical or in-home patient care settings. In 2018 we released the first lesson on Oculus GO which has been piloted to 1000+ High School StudentsThe Heart stroke Lesson using VR is provided as part of Classimmerse solutions. The platform mainly aims for simple understanding for health conditions

Virtual Hubs Solutions - Low Cost Immersive Services


VRMedHub is an online B2B private collaborative service for patients, clinicians and medical/nursing institutions to enable collaborative training for scenarios like health and wellness education, empathy & bias training, knowledge and skills training using WebXR. The VRMedHub rooms are device agnostic supporting both AR & VR and manage remote and virtual sessions affordably. Release Q1-2022


SDG Rooms
An unique service for collaborative rooms and experiences that aligns with the UN SDG 2030 goals for health, environment and social impact assessing global impacts. It is an ideal CSR tool for students and adults alike encouraging community collaboration on global issues in health and sustainability.
Visit our SDG Rooms here

VR Storytelling Projects

Special Projects

Story of the Tribe is an special non-profit project on VR which used an Lenape Story for storytelling, can be used for supplemental culture training or as tool to help students calm down stress or anxiety using comfortable seated experience in VR.
The story is a version licensed by the Delaware tribe of Indians, that have used storytelling techniques beside the fireplaces from ancient times.

The Wise Raccoon(VR)

Sustainability Program
aligns with the UN SDG 2030 goals using single user VR storytelling and collaborative impactful lessons based on SDG learning. The goals align with health, environment and social impact using cultural diverse indigenous stories that connect with the SDG goals. It is an ideal tool for students in K-12.Check out The first story of the The Wise Raccoon – SDG Story 15

Product Roadmap - Extensive Product Pilots


2018 to 2019- Pilot Products for early adoption

Classroom Pilots Immersive products and solutions are specially built for enhancing health education in patients, students empowering them to make better healthcare decisions. The pilot was conducted over a year with high school and middle school students in New Jersey (Anatomy & Biology/Health class) of 500+ students in various socio economic groups (private schools, charter schools and public schools, homeschool students(VR lab), Classroom setting using 10 Oculus GO headsets

2019 to 2021-CME Pilots

We are currently conducting CME demos and pilots for medical professionals for our CME based tool and would be interested in piloting with medical residents, nurses or physicians in a hospital or medical classroom. If you are interested in our medical & Health immersive products and solutions Check out Classimmerse Product Page with our devices


“I was able to interact with the content, to look closely and develop a greater understanding of the heart and heart disease. Lessons through the Learnroll Immerse platform are highly engaging for students and this particular lesson would be a great way to learn more, especially for a course in biology or Pre-med.”

Rachelle Dene Poth, @Rdene915 , ISTE STEAM Teacher, Author, ISTEN

“The experience is interactive, exploratory and fun! I think the company has managed to engage our students to learn in a way that retains knowledge and in a format they prefer.”

Jaime Donally, @JaimeDonally, ARVRinEdu

” I was able to integrate the heart disease module to focus on physical activity and healthy eating. Promoting interactivity better prepares. The interactive modules demonstrate the ability of students to access specificity and a deeper understanding. Health literacy is an integral part to equip students in health literacy. The module was well-organized and had core concepts highlighted.”

David Lockett, NSTA Advisory Board @DavidJLockett.

“I liked that it has the five E organization, and the videos can be great starting points for students. The 3D models were probably the most important reason to choose this over a traditional method. I think depending on instructional needs/resources and type of student this could be an engaging way to explore content.”

Rebekah Davis, Curriculum Designer and Educator @Rebekah@davis

“ClassImmerse is an outstanding platform for student learning. Traditionally, I get nauseous when using VR. This app is different.Classimmerse is a quality product. I encourage everyone to try it out.”

Dr Kevin Merges,Global Executive Director, Rutgers Preparatory,VR/AR Evangelist

““I am very excited to see the development of XR tech and it’s expansion to education. LearnRoll is doing an amazing job at taking what could be a passive experience and actively engaging students in their learning with this technology. It is a different approach than I have previously seen, and watching students interact with this technology has been incredible.

Mike MacEwan, (Science Educator 20 years), MacEwan Consulting @mike_macewan