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Our Story

As parents, we understand that learning can be a challenge. In July 2017, we launched our new startup, Learnroll Immerse, to address learning challenges by combining new technology with “paper and pencil” teaching. We focus on getting students to understand concepts, real life problems, and research.

“I was tutoring my daughter in math and science, during her elementary and middle school days but as she grew, the work became increasingly complex. I had a full-time job, and I was unable to invest the time that she needed to truly learn. It was very frustrating to hear her say, “I’m not good enough for science.” We spent more than a few thousand dollars on private tutoring. Although her grades improved, she was not truly learning. Finally, she realized that science is not just about getting good grades, but requires learning beyond textbooks. I began experimenting with virtual reality science learning while my daughter was in high school. When I introduced her to VR immersive learning and let her discover science virtually, the results were amazing. Today, she is an outstanding science student with a strong foundation in science concepts, and she plans to study science in college next year.” Sushmita Chatterjee, Founder.

This summer, we held trial classes with 3D interactive simulations, hands on virtual labs, and virtual reality experiences for groups of students. We saw that the kids got excited about science without any stress. We also recently added language learning! The idea for adding Spanish and French came from local teachers and parents. We looked into the technology and found amazing interactive language learning with VR content.

Sushmita Chatterjee is the founder and CTO. She has degrees in Physics and Electronics Engineering. Karen Dentler joined Learnroll in August as a VP of Education bringing her 25 years of experience in higher education at Rutgers, Princeton University, and Carnegie Mellon.

Based on Parent’s feedback and diversity of student’s grade and learning levels most of our classes focus on one-one mentoring

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222 1 - Perspectives of education and learning from educators

“I had a great time learning in 3D and VR. The 3D biology lessons about the human body were fun. It was so cool to immerse myself in VR and see human cells up close and in detail. I think it is not only engaging, but also makes you want to learn more.”

-Bhavna I – Grade 9

“ I always thought Science and Maths were complex subjects. I was introduced to science using virtual reality by my mom who is one of the founders of Learnroll Immerse. Learning with VR made complex things so easy – all of a sudden there I was floating with the cells right to the nucleus.”

-Anusha M, Grade 12

“I really liked the 3D lab. I did an experiment with five different metals! The teacher was really nice, and she told me about her own experience in a research lab.”

-Rachel D, Grade 11