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At Learnroll Immerse, we know that each student has different objectives, learning styles, and abilities. We also understand that setting goals and objectives improves learning outcomes. Research demonstrates that immersive learning with diverse modalities of learning such as visual, interactive, haptics, kinesthenics and aural, increases retention, untangles complex concepts and enhances grades.

Learnroll Immerse students are empowered by our advanced education tools and develop metacognition to excel in college and careers by acquiring 21st century learning skills.

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AR/VR Right fit solutions

The AR, VR, and haptics technology landscape is huge and growing every day with new products and learning solutions. Learnroll Immerse can partner with your school to understand this diverse landscape and build an immersive learning path that meets your unique learning goals.

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Mentoring and Learning Center

Mentoring Program
In our mentoring program, students learn science or a language with a mentor in a one-to-one or small group mentoring class with 2-3 students. We also offer coding workshops where 2-4 students work together to create real life VR coding projects.
Self-Learning Labs
Do you want to explore and research on your own? If you are a self-learner, then our state-of-the-art high end devices and content (without a mentor) are the right learning option for you. Learnroll staff will provide training on our equipment and access to our content. A Learnroll staff member will always be available to help during your lab.
Career Readiness
Learnroll Immerse college specials include courses and counseling to prepare for college, including Pre-Med AR/VR Simulations, AP Courses & Labs (2018), and virtual reality college tours.
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222 1 - 2017 - Retrospective
Great Science Lessons!

“I had a great time learning in 3D and VR. The 3D biology lessons about the human body were fun. It was so cool to immerse myself in VR and see human cells up close and in detail. I think it is not only engaging, but also makes you want to learn more.”

-Bhavna I – Grade 9

VR makes complex things easy!

“ I always thought Science and Maths were complex subjects. I was introduced to science using virtual reality by my mom who is one of the founders of Learnroll Immerse. Learning with VR made complex things so easy – all of a sudden there I was floating with the cells right to the nucleus.”

-Anusha M, Grade 12

Chemistry in 3D was awesome!

“I really liked the 3D lab. I did an experiment with five different metals! The teacher was really nice, and she told me about her own experience in a research lab.”

-Rachel D, Grade 11