Immersive Education - Impacting Outcomes

Empower the Learner

Research has shown that immersive education using AR & VR technologies aid in better retention and productivity. While virtual reality use cases re-create “in presence” situational experiences like in-classroom or in-home/in-hospital scenarios.AR based pedagogy provides detailed insights and context overlaying your real environment using image targets.
We enable better education solutions with focus on healthcare with AI/ML enabled cross-platform immersive platform solutions.


VR has shown to increase productivity and ensures higher retention reducing time to learn & train. We focus on solutions that target short attention spans and assistive learning using voice & text

AI/ML context aware

A smart platform for practical seated motion sickness reducing VR/AR aided by AI/ML technologies supplemented with contextual integration to aid in solving real world problems


Our strategy is to support cross platform solutions supporting web and native applications for in-home or seated classroom use in 3D,VR, AR/MR for various types of learner.


Classimmerse is an enterprise platform solution for CME(continuous medical education) for healthcare professionals like physicians, or assistants for medical/health and patient education.


Sustainability program uses native and WebXR storytelling experience using VR devices which aligns health impacts and needs for sustainability. For K-12 and CSR Lifelong Learning.

Technology enabling education

Our immersive education platform solutions uses multiple core technologies that enable AR/VR, conversational AI and CV(computer vision), voice technologies and cloud enabled SaaS services. We use both open source and commercial technologies to enable our solutions stack and that align with industry standard security or best practices. We focus on native standalone HMD based (head mounted) VR, Mobile AR(image targets)/Spatial AR with(Android/IoS) and WebXR(w3c). The solutions are use case driven based on extensive pilots and demos using the right-fit technology based on education or training needs. Our solutions are niche for medical and patient education, sustainability goals. Contact us for more information

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