Health and Medical Education

Emerging Healthcare XR Solutions for improving health outcomes

Complete XR solutions for patient education, medical training for better health outcomes.

We are early adopters of XR (AR, VR & MR) technologies.
Our XR with Emerging solutions AI & ML and Voice provides leading edge over only XR or only AI solutions.
Patient centric solution based on real stories and experiences of patients and healthcare professionals. We provide unique training solutions that are essential quality but low-cost advanced training that can be made available to various socio economic groups.
Education that impacts behaviors of patient, caregivers and professionals with focus on Women Health and Wellness. With industry experts in technology and education that include Patient/Health Education and Training Healthcare Workforce from new entry to experienced professionals.
Join us in the journey for better health

Patient Education

Short 30 minute modules, Conversational and Health Education Apps

Medical Education

Knowledge and skills training with Medical XR – for beginners and professionals.

Private Metaverse

Multiverse for healthcare professionals, sustainability and health

SaaS models

Not just a single packaged solution but models for customized apps and services

Products and Services
Medical, Health & Sustainability

3D WebXR or Standalone VR
No need for an expensive PC or Mobile Phones based VR

PACU ROOM | Virtual Hub - Google Chrome


Virtual Hub

Virtual Hubs – Learnroll Hub VRMedHub Web Based 3D and XR Hubs

  • Collaboration with Web Browser based cloud based XR remote SaaS solutionsLearnroll Hub is a private B2B metaverse.
  • On demand service solutions training rooms
  • Customized Small Group Training spaces
  • Create spaces and avatars for Health Training and Sustainability Lessons
  • Buy or Sell unique NFT assets with metamask and crypto integration for niche assets
  • Integrated with Ready Player me cross platform NFT avatars
  • Flexible group discounts with free assets and models for educational or non-profits
  • VrMedHub is a secure curated space for healthcare medical professionals. You can sign up for a Beta sign up for 2022

    Sign up for a FREE 1 month trial

    SDG learning hub

    Meta Quest and WebXR


    UN 2030 SDG Aligned

  • Story of the Tribe- Native American Story – Created under CC License for the Delaware India Tribe
  • Sustainability Stories-VR with Indigenous Story on Meta Quest
  • Virtual Storytelling with a Guide
  • Avatar with Teleporting controls for VR cybersickness
  • Ideal as a CSR tool for youth 13+>
  • Group Events and Programs

  • Collaborative SDG rooms are available on Virtual Hubs.
  • The Micro Event platform. In 2021 we organized a NATIVE AMERICAN STORYTELLING EVENT and all the fundraising was matched for STEM education for underserved communities.

    Donate to Sustainability Projects

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    Classimmerse Health

    Available on Meta Quest

    Heart Cardiac Arrest Learning Module. Download with no internet needed

  • Heart Stroke – A scientific 5E model to learn about the heart health deep dive.
  • 3D Models of Open and Closed Heart with labels and – with fun facts
  • Simple heart facts, care, CDC quiz and motion sickness calibrated with no complex VR motions and use of a single remote. Safe Seated VR for ages 13+
  • Can be used as a Self guided tool with a nurse aide<.
  • Pre-surgery or Clinical tool
  • Lab – Heart Rate Monitor with 4 States help understand abnormal heart conditions like ARRYTHMIA.

    Women Focused Cardiovascular Modules coming with WebXR (no VR needed) soon to understand risks

    Institutional Model– Demos Available
    with headset. Customized Health modules are available.
    Request a Demo


    Classimmerse Anatomy

    Available on Meta Quest

    Cardiovascular Anatomy Module
    Foundation Level

  • 3D models – 10 models with labels and description which are TTS(Text to Speech) aware
  • Haptics – Each model can be held by hand and examined like real physical models.
  • Covers Text of Gross & Micro Anatomy
  • 2D Videos and CT/MRI that explain heart physiology
  • Labeling Practice and Quiz for Micro credentialing
  • Aligns to Rice University Openstax and other curriculum resources
  • No Code Drag and Drop Builder for CE/CME course builders
  • Level 0 Micro credential Available for the course.

    Institutional Model – Complete customization of models, text, modules and logo including whitelabelling with Classimmerse XR builder. AI and ML Notes Builder with Avatar Q&A
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    immersive education

    A little History About Us

    We are early adopters of XR (AR, VR & MR) technologies.
    2017-2019 We opened a VR lab, which helped us use various VR technologies to more than 1000+ students (Paid & Free) and validated our use case of immersive technology as a training tool.
    2019-2020 We created our first app CLASSIMMERSE, which was a Health Education app teaching about Heart Stroke which we piloted with more than 2000+ high school Anatomy & Lifesciences students in their real live classroom.
    2021 and Beyond – Our mission is to improve healthcare with advanced XR and AI for women focused health & wellness programs that integrate to our CE/CUE and Micro credential no code platform architecture.
    Addressing Real Healthcare Issues and Problems

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