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Learnroll LLC (DBA Learnroll Immerse) is a certified MWBE U.S women (NJ) led small startup that builds vertical healthcare cloud based product and healthcare solutions with proprietary in-house built frameworks for Medical and Health XR with AI/ML.NLP toolsets.

What exactly are these solutions?

  • Heart Stroke VR Module
  • Women Cardiovascular Module
  • CPR for Women at home
  • CME/CE Framework and No code platform so course providers can quickly build XR lessons and deploy it on 3D, VR or MR. We have Oculus SDK now will build for WebXR, MR and more with TEMPLATES
  • Anatomy Template is available now
  • Skill Trainers like Starting an Airway, IV System
  • Reduce Implicit Bias Training for Women of color Patients in Cardiovascular or other critical care
  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Diversity and Inclusion of all kind of workforce is very important for us. It is not just a matter of adding a “policy file” but a serious roadmap on a workplace culture that is open, safe, based on merit and agile managed. As a minority owned small business we recognize the challenges we have ourselves faced in workplace in terms of unconscious bias, being marginalized or not being heard based on our seniority, role or gender/race. We look for passionate, individuals who can help us in the journey of building technology solutions. We post our positions via Handshake, Indeed, Angel and other channels. As a small company we look at word of mouth referrals too. You may contact us for Careers at info@learnroll.com

    We encourage diverse developers, 3D artists, testers or subject matter experts to apply or connect with us for available positions.


    About Us
    Our mission is to healthcare equity across diverse populations in US and globally by enhancing health and life sciences learning/training that promote positive outcomes and impacts behavior. Training of patients and front line healthcare workers can save lives in emergency.
    It started as a mission of a mother & technologist who was seeking better engagement solutions for her high school daughter to technology enabled solutions that help in critical care like in ER for woman focused health population whose symptoms may not be so “medical”. The first app we created was to improve heart health as her family members have had early deaths due to cardiovascular disease. Research in neurosciences and cognitive sciences demonstrates that technology-enabled VR immersion has multiple benefits in healthcare training.

    She hopes that her solutions help in better learning or training for GenZ as a mother of two Genz children

    We are an award winning company

    2018 – STEM Entrepreneur Award Recipient

    2020 – Best in AR & VR app Recipient(UK)

    2021 – Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Award Recipient(US)

    Innovation is everyone's responsibility not just R&D's - Albert Einstein


    Founder and CEO & CTO

    She has a strong passion & drive to improve learning outcomes for education & health.Prior to her startup role,she has 30 years of industry experience in niche technology enabled organizations as an enterprise and solution architect, product/program manager for IT software and engineering in healthcare/insurance, data privacy and securities.She has worked with CXO/ CIO/CTO groups in Fortune 500 companies in enterprise cloud security/privacy and using AI/ML based analytics solutions. As a founder she has brought in her strong industry experience for building value based solution applying new emerging technologies that enhance better learning or training. Her mission is a company that values equity of women in tech roles, diversity & inclusion and prioritization of women health.
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    Co-Founder, VP 3D UI/UX VR


    He is an industry veteran with experience in creative UI/UX design, VR/AR (Unity 3D) and 3D Concept Artist/Graphics with multiple NJ/NY based gaming studio with expertise ranging from games to enterprise military applications. Mike who is a local New Jersey resident joined in as a Lead developer initially to one of the first VR application – Classimmerse for the Oculus GO which has been piloted with school, educators and physicians.The application found universal appeal with all age groups. Mike brings to Learnroll practical solutions having worked with various games/tech based technology and helped in incorporating non motion sickness based design principles, branding & minimalist clean UI & UX also influenced with his own children insights and various training industry experience.
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    About us - Our mission and journey

    Core Advisory Team – Healthcare Education
    Dr Linda Cimino, EdD, RN, CHSE
    Nana Boadum (Healthcare Instruction)
    Dr Kevin Merges

    Solution Management
    We have a talented in-house development team of developers, designers, engineers, architects and curriculum & subject matter experts.
    If you are an investor who value our mission and goals we can send you our pitch decks, summary with team bios and more and would like to know more about us, Kindly contact us here contact us here

    International Achiever Award for our CEO & CTO

    Our Founder was awarded the prestigious International Achievers Award 2020-21 for her outstanding contribution and the inspiring startup. She was also conferred with the Top 50 Achiever’s World Award (CSR) by a Govt of India recognized organization. IAF India

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