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About Us-Our mission is to enhance health and lifesciences learning/training that promote positive outcomes.The use of technology to enable collaborative learning for students/mentors in high school/college or training institutes or patients/hospitals. Research in neurosciences and cognitive sciences demonstrates that technology-enabled immersion improves learning outcomes. You learn better and have higher retention. Similar research on HCI and Neurosciences at Stanford HCI labs and Independent Neurosciences research facilities confirm that learning with immersive learning not only aids in better retention, it also reduces time to from hours to minutes including building empathy which is essential in healthcare scenarios.Learn more about our product roadmap

Innovation is everyone's responsibility not just R&D's - Albert Einstein

My father and uncle died of a heart stroke at the age of 58. When I was a student three decades back in school and college digital technology to information and knowledge based education was almost non-existent. Our only source was the verbal assessment by the doctor.
Today with immersive technologies and contextual information mined via AI/ML can help us get closer to a real heart or brain to see for yourself what a heart or attack symptoms are.
.Its use for practicing healthcare professionals like physicians/nurses is immense from surgery to patient education.
As a technologist who has worked with various technologies from mainframe to AI/ML systems today my aim has been practical and value added use of technology to solve problems.
Founder and CEO/CTO – Sushmita Chatterjee

Association of Women in Science AWIS NJ 2018 STEM ENTREPREUNEUR AWARD/GRANT

NJIT-NSF-ICorps mini grant


Founder and CEO & CTO

She has a strong passion & drive to improve learning outcomes for education & health.Prior to her startup role,she has 30 years of industry experience in niche technology enabled organizations as an enterprise and solution architect, product/program manager for IT software and engineering in healthcare/insurance, data privacy and securities.She has worked with CXO/ CIO/CTO groups in Fortune 500 companies in enterprise cloud security/privacy and using AI/ML based analytics solutions. As a founder she has brought in her strong industry experience for building value based solution applying new emerging technologies that enhance better learning or training. Her mission is a company that values equity of women in tech roles, diversity & inclusion and prioritization of women health.
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Co-Founder, VP UI/UX and Creative


He is an industry veteran with experience in creative UI/UX design, VR/AR (Unity 3D) and 3D Concept Artist/Graphics with multiple NJ/NY based gaming studio with expertise ranging from games to enterprise military applications. Mike who is a local New Jersey resident joined in as a Lead developer initially to one of the first VR application – Classimmerse for the Oculus GO which has been piloted with school, educators and physicians.The application found universal appeal with all age groups. Mike brings to Learnroll practical solutions having worked with various games/tech based technology and helped in incorporating non motion sickness based design principles, branding & minimalist clean UI & UX also influenced with his own children insights and various training industry experience.
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About us - Our mission and journey

We have a talented in-house development team of developers, designers, engineers, architects and curriculum & subject matter experts.
Today’s healthcare roles are demanding. Physicians & nurses live in a challenging world and need to update every year not just course credits but information, processes, research, data, live seminars or more and within short span of time. Our aim is to enable immersive supplement tool for CME providers. Likewise new patient education must relate to not only educating patient but listen to them with empathy – a collaboration of patient, caregivers and healthcare workers.
Today both adults/children have short attention spans we need to bring change in the way we learn and explore new ways to retain without spending hours on it in a cost effective way. I find that today’s children learn and perceive differently and the innovation must align with the way they learn. They must know about the world that they will inherit and must protect.
More diverse girls and women should be value contributors to society enabling technology solutions in healthcare & education. If you are an investor who value our mission and goals, and would like to know more about us, contact us here

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International Achiever Award for our CEO & CTO

Ms. Sushmita Chatterjee – Winner of Indian Achievers’ Award 2020 (iafindia.com)

2018 - STEM Entrepreneur Award Recipient

2018 New Jersey Women in STEM Mentoring Awards Recipients
2020 - Best in AR & VR app Recipient
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