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As parents, we understand that learning can be a challenge. In July 2017, we launched our new experience center, Learnroll Immerse, to address learning challenges by integrating new technology like AR & VR. We focus on getting students to understand concepts, real-life problems, and research using immersive aids.

“The most challenging times in STEM learning for my daughter was non-inclination in math and science, during her elementary and middle school days. She found it boring, difficult and complex. Most of the time she wondered why she studied those subjects As she grew, the path became increasingly complex. I had a full-time job, and I was unable to invest the time that she needed to truly learn. It was very frustrating to hear her say, “I’m not good enough for science.” We spent more than a few thousand dollars on private tutoring. Although her grades improved, she was not truly learning. Finally, she realized that science is not just about getting good grades, but requires learning beyond textbooks. I began experimenting with virtual reality science learning while my daughter was in high school. When I introduced her to VR immersive learning and let her discover science virtually, the results were amazing. Today, she is a bright science student with a strong foundation in science concepts, and she will major in Biology in college next year.” Sushmita Chatterjee, Founder.

This summer, we held trial classes with 3D interactive simulations, hands-on virtual labs, and virtual reality experiences for groups of students. We saw that the kids got excited about science without any stress.

Sushmita Chatterjee is the Founder and CEO/CTO. She has degrees in Physics and Electronics Engineering.



sushmita - About Us

Sushmita Chatterjee

Founder, CEO/CTO with 25 years industry expertise in technology consulting with major fortune 500 corporations as an Enterprise and Solution Architect for companies like Optum/United Healthgroup, Accenture, New York Stock Exchange and many more. She holds a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and Physics. She has extensively researched technologies like 3D, VR (virtual reality) and AR(augmented reality) for use in education/learning for more than 2 years.

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Karen Dentler

Vice President, Education with over 25 years of experience in academic and student affairs in higher education. She has held positions at several colleges and universities, including Assistant Dean at the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program at Rutgers University. She also worked at the Graduate School at Princeton University and Carnegie Mellon University. She has a BA in philosophy from Colgate University and a MA in higher education administration from the University of Michigan.

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Harold Odame-Labi

CFO Advisor with 30 years experience as a Finance executive & divisional CFO, Fortune 500 global consumer products company -Avon.  Business growth and exit strategy consultant & CFO to small-medium size high growth companies in technology, construction, telecommunications, manufacturing & business services.

His strong areas are strategic & Business Model Analysis, Business Growth Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting, Cash Flow, Exit Planning, Business Plans, Bank & Investor Funding


“Our mission is to enhance student learning and promote positive outcomes for students at all levels. Our experiential program is designed for students in middle/high school and college to learn through immersive technology and content. Research in neurosciences and cognitive sciences demonstrates that technology enabled immersion improves learning outcomes. Students learn better and have higher retention. Similar research on HCI and Neurosciences at Stanford HCI labs and Independent Neurosciences research facilities confirm that learning with immersive learning aids improves learning.

Simplify Complex Learning
  • Visual Learning
  • Improved Retention
  • Better Grades
  • Applied Learning


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Learnroll Immerse uses 3D classrooms, virtual reality, and augmented reality for learning and mentoring in an onsite center.