AI and ML tools for learning and development

Most software vendors use various free and commercial technologies to help them build solutions. Here is a list of tools, platforms we use in proof of concepts, actual development or just to try out features.We also try best to our ability to support or donate to open source and CC tools we use.Some of the open source tools also have pricing based on services or courses.

Open Source Tools

    Jupyter Notebook – Programming Editor/Tool- It is a common editor mostly used for Python, R and other ML based programming lanuages.

    XNAT – Medical Imaging Data Analysis – XNAT is a platform tool that helps you anonymize any datasets of medical imaging data.XNAT ML has a standalone beta ML platform for developers to try out.

    Python – Open source library – It is an open source programming language widely used for machine learning and many data specific tasks.

    TENSORFLOW – It is an end to end machine learning platform from Google as an open source machine learning platform also has an enterprise version for more serious projects.

    Keras – Keras is a often used Python based API framework used with Tensorflow. The software tutorials and examples can be used widely.What we liked are guides that allow both researchers and engineers to follow the guides.

    CAFFE – Deep Learning framework – It is a deep learning framework with tutorials and demos with a BSD license.

    Open CV– Computer Vision and machine learning Library which is under a BSD license and can be used to detect and also create 3D by extracting 3D models of objects, produce 3D point clouds from stereo cameras.

    Pytorch – Open source Python Machine Learning Framework for using NumPy, SciPy, and Cython.

    Pytorch 3D – It is Facebook Open source AI framework

    RStudio – R based Data Science Platform with an IDE support that uses R and Python.

    Infrastructure & Commercial Cloud based Tools and Services

    Apache Spark – This is a Big Data/ML based analytics engine for data analysis and processing.

    Docker – CI/CD for parallel build /multi user management is not available in Free version

    Kubernetes – Container Management Systems

    Commercial ML Tools/Platforms

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