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Learning Technologies – AR – COVID times

The COVID 19 situation of working at home has created a huge influx of so called remote learning options. We have mostly seen an uptake of remote web based conferencing or video conferencing solutions used by most schools and universities but are these the only way that learning or training can be achieved?

We look into some technologies that we also use internally or are exploring to use – tool for learning as well as training.

Augmented Reality tools and apps Augmented reality tools and apps can use various technologies to make remote learning possible. Here are some XR possible solutions
WebXR is a technology that allows using a web browser to enable VR/AR solutions overlaying the web based images to overlay contextual examples.Here are some of the AR based libraries and tools.
AR.js is a marker based AR that uses either a image or a marker (HIRO or KANJI) .The markers are one of the oldest form of existing Web AR that can also work on old phones which do not have ARCORE/ARKIT.
XR Native requires use of native apps on phones/devices that support AR Technology.ARCORE allow user to develop native AR apps that may be deployed as APK on a android based system and uses cloud anchors to drop 3D virtual objects into the scene.They can be built using 3D tools and engines like Unity 3D, Unreal and Android Studio.
ARKIT is a similar technology that uses VIO(Visual Odometry) and has a builder platform called Reality Composer to build powerful applications using XCode for Apple based IOS devices.
Vuforia and Kudan – These are professional AR tools which can help you build using highly efficient models in AR that use SLAM. Most advanced AR platform SDK allow use of various technologies like SLAM , Visual odometry , Computer vision and machine learning to create advanced AR applications.
Volumetric 360 and 3D – These are experimental features that allows 360 or 3D “holographs” captured and transmitted using device capable of creating holograms over a real life scenario.
Remote AR Collaboration – Vuforia Chalk is a tool by Vuforia that also enables remote collaboration in an enterprise network.

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