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Navigating the Immersive Learning Landscape

The AR, VR, MR and other immersive technologies landscape is huge and growing every day with new products and learning solutions. Learnroll Immerse can partner with K-12 and Colleges to navigate this diverse landscape and build an immersive learning path that meets your unique learning goals.Our product and platform services help in personalizing the right experiences for the learner or a group class based on diverse criteria.

AR/VR Right fit solutions

Our Platform and Solution

Immersive technologies can range from 3D, immersive ebooks, different AR, and VR solutions.The initial consulting session is a free session to help us understand your learning needs and how immersive solutions fit the need.
Integrated Platform
Coming soon- A conversational AI based platform that allows learning matched to experiences whether an app, asset, AR or VR experiences and can be deployed to the target device that enables immersive experiences example a HMD ,Mobile or a PC.
The current immersive solutions for education is an emerging market where devices, content, and solutions are still in early beta stages. Our current standard solution is a Packaged Enterprise OEM solution for AR and VR.

Packaged OEM and Custom Solution

Enterprise OEM and VR – Custom Learnroll Standalone Headset(Inside-Out VR) that does not require any additional PC, Mobile and can be centrally controlled in a large class environment

Enterprise OEM and Custom VR – Custom High-End Immersive Headset(Outside-In) like HTC Vive with a High-end PC or Laptop that enables VR in a Lab or Studio setting

Enterprise AR – Custom Mobile Based AR solutions using tablets/mobiles

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