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Classimmerse App — VR — Lessons in S.T.E.M for classroom use
Feynman Lectures which is well renowned globally for college & high school students states

“Learning the meaning of scientific concepts is not science. That is, the learning of what words and concepts mean is part of teaching science, but not of doing science. It is necessary but not a sufficient condition of science. Concepts and words are the tools of science, but not science itself, since learning the meaning of words and concepts will only teach you about the limits of people’s imaginations when naming or trying to describe things, and nothing about nature itself.”

Science is about “exploring and doing things” than merely knowing the concepts. VR allows enabling lessons-based approach that help in introducing interactions and explorations that not only helps in learning better but also “retains in your brain” for a longer time as most humans (80%) by nature are visual learners. A student also feels more inclined to learn something if he/she is “enjoying” the experience of learning. The classroom based “lab/in-class” session does not require any one-to-one student to teacher interaction. It allows easy supplemental use for 20–30 minutes by the student — using his/her own pace of learning for the sections as chosen by a teacher.
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CLASSIMMERSE VR – Immerse to Learn

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Immersive VR – What is Classimmerse all about ?
Our Mission
This is not just a product but a way to bring in change to learning.We are a virtual and augmented reality educational technology company as well as S.T.E.M advocate who champion the use including coding of immersive technologies that transform how educational content is delivered and consumed by providing educators and learners with high quality tools.Students need to create their own critical thinking and problem solving skills in virtual classrooms or virtual training that connect to a real S.T.E.M goal.
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