STEM 770x513 - STEM -Science, Engineering and Technology - A way of thinking

STEM is a big buzzword in the United States and it has multiple implementations based on what schools perceive it as. STEM is more than a way of integrating science, maths, and engineering as part of classroom courses STEM is not just a coding course or a science experiment but the ability to analyze and think of a concept to implementation to real-world problems of scenarios.This may be done in a…

AI 770x513 - The Gen Z and the "Artificial Intelligence" viewpoint

A blog by Sushmita Chatterjee Spring break has started and it has been an interesting week at my home with two 9 and 10 years old trying to spend their time watching T.V, painting and doing other activities. I put a proposal of “Why not design an app?”. GenZ children love apps and whether it is gaming, educational or otherwise it always lights up their face. Most children do not perceive…

slider 1 1 770x513 - Democratization of an educational ecosystem

How are the millennials learning? Has there been any change in their learning outcomes? These are some of the challenging questions that any “educator” needs to address. Education & Learning centers (unlike the healthcare system which has a wide variety of specialized centers), comprises of schools/institutions which are still categorized as “private schools”, “public schools” , “charter schools” ,”homeschools” or “afterschool”. We do not see a de-centralized learning process which provides…

blog 793047 1920 770x513 - True knowledge is inherently interdisciplinary.

Several years ago, a college newspaper editorial board wrote an editorial suggesting that the college get rid of “useless” humanities departments, such as foreign languages and history, and funnel more resources to “useful” departments. In response, I wrote the following letter, but I never sent it. At Learnroll Immerse, we believe that education is more than grades and skill development. Grades and job skills are certainly part of the equation, but…

2017 770x513 - 2017 - Retrospective

2017 – A Retrospective. The first few months of any startup business are always difficult, and the start for Learnroll Immerse was no different. The education industry adopts technology slowly, and we are disrupting education by incorporating the latest technology (some of which are still in beta stages).

IMG 6892 e1511141753645 770x513 - Why did we choose emerging immersive technology for learning?

Technology is cool but not all cool technologies may be a necessary fit for your use case. As an Enterprise solution architect in my previous job there are some basic solution mandates that architect use for creating a solution for an enterprise. I found that this also helped me making my choice of technology for a problem area. Solution Retrofit The technology landscape is huge and changing. There are new technologies…

portfolio 5 1 770x513 - Perspectives of education and learning from educators

This is a note from some of my earlier talks or conversations, with educators and I gathered some valuable points on education as educators see it – whether as teachers, administrators or principals. This is an excerpt from some of the conversations with educators who care to bring about a change in way learning is today. -Sushmita Chatterjee The Educators Viewpoint These were some of the areas that the teachers felt…

facebook 770x315 - Science Education challenges

In my recent trip to India , I came across many organizations and institutions that were offering “education” support to the millions of children seeking education or learning; both for-profit and non-profit groups. However the basic question remains, what exactly does this “education” impart? Is it another mechanism to get ahead in a “grade rat race” or initiatives to really build the next generation students who will contribute to science. The…

IMG 7030 770x513 - Learn more about our unique learning space

At Learnroll Immerse, we designed our learning space to promote experiential learning. Our students do not sit at desks. At Learnroll Immerse, students spend time in our three modern learning spaces. Our 3D classroom  Our 3D classroom is our primary learning space. In this room, students and teachers spend time together learning on a comfortable couch. Our teachers present lessons using our high end 3D projector and whiteboard. The students use…

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