360 - Introduction to 360, VR, & AR

Introduction to 360, VR, and AR

Level 1 Coding Workshop for Beginners (No Pre-Requisite Skills required) Ages 13+


Learn the basics of Virtual Reality and 360. This beginner workshop will provide basic coding skills and platform overview of technologies used to develop real commercial applications.

– What is VR and AR? Where do we use them?
– Overview- Java 3D and Javascript technologies to create 3D and VR
– VR Platforms – Introduction to Unity and Unreal 3D Engines
– What is 360 ? How do we create 360 Content ?

Source : Unity Labs

Small class sizes (4 students max) provide personalized one-on-one attention to students’ learning needs.


5-week course includes instructor-led class with hands-on programming.

  • 60 minute classes, 2x/week. February 2018. Mondays and Fridays
  • Hands-on learning using 360 4K camera, VR and AR devices, software (Available In-house)
  • Basics of 360 Video and VR includes coding platforms and programming basics
  • Students will present a final real life project that will be reviewed by professionals in the field
  • Schedule a time to visit us and preview our tools.

Course Materials