biology - Biology

Biology (3D, VR, AR & Haptics)

One-To-One mentoring and group class (3 students)

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Learn biology in a collaborative 3D Steroscopic classroom. Visual and hands-on experiences include lab time with virtual labs, VR Experiences and AR interactive models.
Levels – Introductory/Honors and AP

One-To-One mentoring and group classes available with personalized curated content for each lesson.

Topics are based on National Research Council NSES/NGSS and College Board (AP) guidelines. We can also adapt the content to any special curriculum needs. All students in Middle/High School and College are welcome, and we can customize topics based on your learning choices.
For VR and AR options using Head Mounted device (HMD), students must be 13+ and complete our waiver.


6 classes(once every week) includes instructor-led class with 3D and VR content.

  • 60 minute class, 1x/week
  • Discussions, Q&A, videos and simulations
  • Hands-on online or simulated 3D lab-based on the topics
  • AR and Haptics based immersive Biology learning lab (Curated for group learning).
  • Individual Coursework help with problem areas.
  • 90 minute VR Self-Learning Lab time can be scheduled anytime, (45 minutes each – 2 labs)
  • Includes free 60 minute trial class


Course Materials