french - Advanced Novice French with VR

Advanced Novice – French with VR (virtual reality).

Individual tutoring with our expert tutor. Contact us to schedule your individual classes. Free assessment.

Level 1


Independent research in Neurosciences has proven that students and adults learn better with VR based language aids.
Neurosciences Research
Learn French and immerse yourself in the French speaking world in this collaborative and intimate language class. It is a unique high tech hands-on visual learning experience.
Personalized tutoring provides one-on-one attention to students.


5-session course includes instructor-led class and VR enabled learning.

  • Five 60 minute classes can be scheduled anytime before December, 2017
  • Discussions, Q&A, videos, and simulations focusing on language and culture
  • Student will need basic French vocabulary experience, so that he/she can converse with VR robots or chatbots.
  • VR expeditions to French-speaking countries
  • Free trial class t0 test your language level and comfort with for VR.
  • Instructor

    Jean-Baptiste Berthelin  
    “Bonjour! I am a native French speaker – born and raised in France. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities and a postgraduate degree in International Relations from Paris.
    I tutored students when I worked as teacher’s assistant in a French ‘Collège’ (Middle School) in Paris, and I am currently tutoring students and teaching at the Alliance Française in Princeton.
    I am happy to teach my language, about my country and my culture. I am patient and passionate about teaching. I like to develop the student’s interest and motivation for the subject and to make learning a fun and enjoyable experience.”
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