studio - AR & VR Development Labs for Startup Businesses

AR & VR Development Labs for Startup Businesses

Startups can book our AR/VR labs for Development & Client Demos

We are a startup company and understand the challenges of other startups in development & creating client demos. We are opening our development space & infrastructure for companies that may use our state-of-the-art equipment and services when they need it



  • Development Lab rooms -Coding with VR Ready Desktop & VR Devices
  • 2 VR Ready Room Tracked Lab Access
  • 3D Projector & Presentation Room Access
  • Equipment Access – 360 4K Camera, Oculus Go & Rifts , Samsung Gear, HTC Vive
  • Haptics/Other – Leap Motion, Raspberry Pi/Arduino, Oculus Touch
  • High Speed FIOS Internet – 150 Mbps/s
  • Book Monthly/On Demand Hourly 1- 10 Sessions used anytime in a 3 month period
  • Lab Availability -Monday and Tuesday 9am to 9pm
  • Coding assistance for AR/VR Projects(optional)
  • Benefits

    High quality infrastructure in a Private space

    • Private Closed Door Development Space
    • Invite Clients for Demos/Discussions without interruptions
    • Live Skype & VR Streamed Meetings with Co-Located Partners
    • Free Access to One 30 minutes LEARNROLL VR Studio Demo
    • Phone, Utilities Access
    • Small Kitchenette Access for Developers
    • Free Access to Learnroll Developer Resources, Knowledge bases for AR & VR
    • Custom 360 & VR Services, Green Screen VR Room(Fall)

    AR & VR Development labs help developers test their AR & VR solutions using different AR & VR tools. Our resources are not only limited to developers but may be used by marketing/sales professionals to create engaging presentations, marketing videos or showcases. You may also conduct live meetings using VR or 360 Streaming services.

    Course Materials