physics - Physics

Physics (3D, VR, AR & Haptics)

One-To-One mentoring and group class (3 students)

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Learn physics in a collaborative 3D Steroscopic classroom. Visual and hands-on experiences include lab time with virtual labs, VR Experiences and AR interactive models.
Levels – Introductory/Honors and AP

One-To-One mentoring and group classes available with personalized curated content for each lesson.

Topics are based on National Research Council NSES/NGSS and College Board (AP) guidelines. We can also adapt the content to any special curriculum needs. All students in Middle/High School and College are welcome, and we can customize topics based on your learning choices.
For VR and AR options using Head Mounted device (HMD), students must to be 13+ and complete our waiver.


6 classes (once every week) includes instructor-led class with 3D and VR content.

  • 60 minute class, 1x/week
  • Discussions, Q&A, videos and simulations
  • Hands-on online or simulated 3D lab-based on the topics
  • AR and Haptics based immersive Physics learning lab (Curated for group learning).
  • Individual Coursework help with problem areas.
  • 90 minute VR Self-Learning Lab time can be scheduled anytime, (45 minutes each – 2 labs)
  • Includes free 60 minutes trial class


Course Materials