spain - Advanced Novice Spanish with VR

Advanced Novice – Spanish with VR (virtual reality).


Session 1

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Independent research in Neurosciences has proven that students and adults learn better with VR based language aids.
Neurosciences Research
Learn Spanish and immerse yourself in the Spanish speaking world in this collaborative and intimate language class. Visual and hands-on experiences
Small class sizes (2 students max) provide personalized one-on-one attention to students’ learning needs.


5-week course includes instructor-led class and VR session.

  • 60 minute classes, 2x/week, 6 class session
  • Discussions, Q&A, videos and simulations focusing on language and culture
  • Student will need Spanish-vocabulary experience, so that he/she can converse with VR robots or chatbots.
  • VR expeditions to Spanish-speaking countries
  • Includes free 60 minutes trial class & placement test
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Course Materials

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