XR Demos and Trial Keys.Virtual Reality (VR) (AR), (Web XR), AI and Voice

Classimmerse VR App

The demo has been created using Unity 3D, Android Studio and Oculus SDK and runs in Oculus GO system .You may request an Access Key to preview the demo lesson in Human Heart.We will be releasing new lessons in Anatomy and US Sustainability goals(Food Waste) soon for Oculus GO and Quest!

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Chemistry - Molecules - PDB

The demo showcases the use of WebXR using Three,js (WebGL engine) technologies using WebXR API. We have used a Three.js sample Molecules parser with pdb structures available from RCSB PDB and Pub Chem integrated for use with 3D and Web based VR/AR
WebXR API and Browser Compatibility


The Demo showcases the use of some standard PDB (Protein Data Base) structures. PDB metadata is read from a file and rendered in both 3D and WebXR.

Virtual Anatomy using AI

The demo showcases the use of WebXR integrated with Voice & AI technologies using AWS Sumerian(AR/VR) platform. The current demo is only for PC version and requires use of a “Space” key to enable voice conversations with the host bot.
Browser Compatibility

How to run the Demo
The demo uses AI/NLP(Natural Language Processing) and can be invoked saying something like "Hello Maya" or "Hello Maya tell me something about the human heart?"
It uses lip sync and uses voice-to-text feature to output the spoken words into a text box.
Do not forget to thank the doctor after your queries. !

heart anatomy

Here are some common structures you can query about

What is ?

Virtual Q&A based interface to learn using AI (Web demo)

The demo showcases the use of AWS Lex and AWS Polly(voice) using SSML tags that showcase the use of AI/NLP technologies that can be used for web/mobile. Learn more about the human heart with a Q&A interface.
Easy tool for teachers/students to train & learn. AI can be easily integrated with Text, Web and Native Interfaces

XR Demos

XR with Voice and AI

XR Technologies we use are Unity 3D, Device SDK like Android SDK, Oculus SDK, WebXR, AWS Voice (Polly),W3C SSML,(used by Google Voice and AWS Polly).

The demo section will be adding various demos on a gradual basis. Keep checking this page for additional demos and trials as we release them

Why use XR?

XR technologies allow immersive learning and training. Various use cases allow enabling XR using native interfaces(apps), web or mobile

Check out our XR Whitepaper for education and training