VR/AR with an Interactive Virtual Host (using AI)

The demo showcases the use of Voice & AI technologies integrated with AR and VR. The current demo is only for PC version and requires use of a “Space” key to enable voice conversations with the host bot.


Virtual Q&A based interface to learn using AI (Web demo)

The demo showcases the use of Voice & AI technologies which can be used for web/mobile. Learn more about the human heart with a Q&A interface.
Easy tool for teachers/students to train & learn,

Voice and AI Demos

Voice and AI

The Ability to use AI and Voice to learn and Train. Launch a Demo. Initiate Dr Maya to answer some HEART related questions by saying “HELLO MAYA”

The demo has been created using AWS Services like AWS Sumerian AR/VR, AWS Lex and Polly and other background services. Thanks for the support of the AWS team in support to build this demo.

Heart Q&A

The Heart Q&A uses some basic questions starting with “Tell me about the Human Heart”. This is a demo version that showcases the use of interactivity in a classroom or training session

The demo is planned to be extended to use other languages beyond English language with an ability to set interactive Q&A sessions for both mentors and students”

Virtual Reality (VR) Demos ,Free Trials and Previews

Classimmerse VR Preview Lesson

The demo has been created using Unity 3D, Android Studio and Oculus SDK and runs in Oculus GO system .You may request an Access Key to preview the demo lesson in Human Heart.We will be releasing new lessons in human eye and stomach that align with US Sustainability goals and separate lesson asset library soon !”

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