General Questions

Will you add classes in math or other languages?

Our current in-house mentoring program focuses solely on Science and Technology areas physics, chemistry and biology.
We may add Maths and Engineering courses in future.
Please write to us for additional courses.

My son or daugter is almost 13 years old? Can she or he take a class at Learnroll Immerse?

Our courses are for students who are 13 years old as we enable virtual reality as part of the enrichment programs.

My child wears glasses. How will she or he use the 3D and VR glasses?

Our glasses fit comfortably over all glasses, and we clean the equipment after each use.

What happens if my child misses a class?

The Learnroll team will work with you to schedule a time for your child to come to the center to make up the lesson. The student will be able to review the videos and labs to prepare for the next class. At the next class meeting, the teacher will review the material and answer questions.

Can my child try a sample class before signing up?

Yes. Please sign up for a free sample class on our website.


Do students need experience with 360 Video and VR classes before enrolling?

Students do not need any experience with our technology before enrolling in a class. Our teachers will help students learn to use the equipment. Students just need to bring an open mind and a sense of adventure.

Do your classes have pre-requisites?

Please see our course descriptions for information about the pre-requisites for each individual class. Our NGSS courses are fully compliant lesson plans which would require the student to be at least at par with NJ common Core Grade levels

Additionally, all people who use our VR equipment must sign a waiver. For students who are below the age of 18, a parent or a guardian will need to sign the waiver.

Is it possible to schedule an individual session with a teacher?

Yes. This is a coming soon feature.Individual sessions are called BYOT (Bring your own teachers). The Learnroll Immerse team will help facilitate the teacher in our advanced facility for o fee and he/she can bring his own curriculum or lesson plans.The student will schedule the learning session directly with the teacher through a partner website.