The Gen Z and the “Artificial Intelligence” viewpoint

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Spring break has started and it has been an interesting week at my home with two 9 and 10 years old trying to spend their time watching T.V, painting and doing other activities. I put a proposal of “Why not design an app?”.
GenZ children love apps and whether it is gaming, educational or otherwise it always lights up their face.
Most children do not perceive PCS and websites as relevant products or services other than in a tablet or a phone.
A few years back when I asked my older daughter, she came up with an idea of “doing maths” using a sequence of inputs and outputs. However, the GenZ thinks differently- It’s AI for them. They understand the potential of technologies to not only compute but can think “intelligently” or trained to follow a pattern to get outputs based on them. The thinking is no longer input x with y that is based on some structured or unstructured data. It is to enable a different kind of intelligent output using Artificial Intelligence(AI)-based models using machine learning, deep learning, and other models.

Project 1 – Submitted by Tanvi Iyengar – Age 9 years old
The app as explained to me will help in providing progressive reward based points based on “better coloring” capabilities of a user.This is based on the capability to ensure that the image detects many factors like color density, coloring strokes, within an edge and possible benchmark of best coloring that can be achieved and grade output accordingly for rewards.

Project 2 – Submitted by Ananya Shanabag – Age 10 years old
The app as explained to me will help in analyzing the sentiment of a parent based on some auditory inputs by the voice of parent.This will help the child adapt to adjust his/her outcomes of listening and not arguing with the parent based on what the app detects the parents moods as.This is another example of using AI-based sentiment analysis which can create outputs based on patterns observed of a parent based on his voice inputs – ie the parent’s reaction to their children based on their stress, work issues or plain frustrations.

These are really commendable ideas for children of this generation but also shows how AI will enable in creating an intelligent context-aware application than mere computational devices.

Our AI platform that we are designing as part of the center of excellence center curates experiences based on building recommendations based on semantic search, sentiment analysis, and multiple patterns matching factors.
VR and AR accessories built-in devices or added as external accessories have the ability to track eye, body, and brain and determine the user’s sensory inputs while he is navigating an “immersive” experience”, including the ability to track devices which claim to sustain consistent immersive experiences without feeling motion sick.

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