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Immersive VR – What is Classimmerse all about ?
Our Mission
This is not just a product but a way to bring in change to learning.We are a virtual and augmented reality educational technology company as well as S.T.E.M advocate who champion the use including coding of immersive technologies that transform how educational content is delivered and consumed by providing educators and learners with high quality tools.Students need to create their own critical thinking and problem solving skills in virtual classrooms or virtual training that connect to a real S.T.E.M goal.

Our quest started 3 years back in November 2015 when we saw that our own high school children were highly stressed and not engaged to learning science.
Connecting Lessons to Real World Applications of S.T.E.M
Students learn better when they are engaged.
The reason to engagement may be many – from exploring “unknowns” to “natural” phenomenon to solving critical problems that need analytical thinking and help in creating viable solutions to it. VR and AR is an emerging technology, and the benefits of immersive learning is beyond concepts and maths.The vision for the future is to see use of these technologies for education and training by both students and mentors. The aim is to deliver quality non cinematic low cost VR experiences that has higher adoption with students and mentors community as it focuses more on interactivity versus motion graphics or “museum like experiences” in VR.
The Classimmerse platform has a mission is to serve students and mentors of all social and economic groups. Our initial environment is a single user environment which both teachers or students can use in a classroom, lab or home.We believe in creating learners who collaborate with teachers at their own learning pace and styles.We plan to allow virtual multi user collaboration as a future learning environment.
Curriculum Framework for S.T.E.M learning
We use scientific learning methodology like 5E and frameworks like NGSS which allow creation of high quality S.T.E.M lessons.
CLASSIMMERSE App – The Features

CLassImmerse VR App
CLassImmerse VR App

The technology usage – VR is a new technology. Our in-App demonstration allows easy adoption to using the remote and headset.
The Learning panels Immersive Biology in VR starts with an anchoring case study from CDC(Center of Disease Control) with a goal. The students study concepts and apply them to solve a real problem. Each 5E panels allow student and teachers to deep dive into scientific understanding and creating their own hypothesis. Heart Activity lab allows them to measure their own heart rates.Students can see both video and beating heart simultaneously to allow them to “visualize” and “sense” a real live heart.
Interactive There are various interactive points where users can annotate, enter lesson hashtags or notes and edit labels.
Data Visualization Students can view and edit dynamic 3D data and charts like Pi Charts, Bar graphs and more.
Student and Teacher analytics provide usage insights into providing better lessons and engagement tools.
Voice and Personalization
Our next step is to allow personalization which allow students to interact with Voice and provide better learning paths.

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