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LIVESTREAM – Live streaming is the ability to send”real time” streaming data from live camera, webcam or mobile device/VR device using standard streaming services like You Tube, Facebook or using a self/cloud hosted service & encoders.

Why are we Live streaming 360/4K and VR ?
We use this channel connecting a Live 360 Camera to a cloud server and CDN with personalized infrastructure (cloud encoder & our own broadcaster OBS, and 360/4K camera/stitched for our own hosted channel to showcase our demos/workshops online from VR/360 cameras.).

What started last year as a simple streaming service for a small business has been extended to a service for smaller businesses, non profit events, meetups or other essential services which may have been impacted by Coronavirus. Our work with AR/VR and current live streaming our own product solutions/demos online help us as a company to interact live in absence of face to face meetups, meeting or demos.

Live streaming 360/4k
Live streaming can be setup for broadcast in various end from a simple live cam based stream to high end multiple multi camera broadcast streams starting from a few users to million users. Each scenario requires assessment of bandwidth, network, platform, tools, security etc based on usage. Live streaming can get expensive based on bandwidth/low latency and type of content streamed.

Our aim is to help local/U.S educational institutes, small business and non-profits to able to use simple streaming services in a cost effective manner. Last year we did a Live 360 Streaming for a small business which wanted to extend the event to those customers who could not attend the event using You Tube 360 Live.

Live streaming – As a Service for others
This is not our core business service but as we have expertise with both AR/VR and complex media solutions – we have decided to provide this service to mostly smaller groups example small businesses,non profit, groups, individual teachers etc for whom live streaming services or platforms may be cost prohibitive. We choose the solution based on your budget, streaming needs and broadcast experience.

Live streaming Platforms
We use various solutions/use cases based on the need – whether it is a meeting, conference/event/online class session or product showcase like our own use case. The needs vary from encoder type, bandwidth, multi-streams, protocols and hence there may not be a single silver bullet solution.

Advantages of Live streaming 360
The immersive experience can either be viewed in VR “player” devices like You tube 360 or a custom viewer.However 4k encoding is not easy and only limited encoders and services provide commercial grade services with low latency than normal video streaming or webcam streaming.

Broadcasting Live Streams vs Web conferencing
Live streaming has the capability to stream to larger audiences and unlike Web based conferencing solution can use multiple protocols like RTMP, HLS to ensure smooth and fast streaming with broadcasting specific complete software/hardware encoding platforms like OBS, Vimeo,Livestream, There and many market available streaming server for reaching high capacity with low or ultra low latency.
Here are a list of software approved for You tube LIVE

If you want to use our service to setup your own custom solution or want to stream to our channel (30 mins) contact us at