May – Month of Mental Health

May is the month of Mental health and with a global pandemic mental health awareness is of primary importance for most people confined in their homes.
We have curated a list of useful resources that focus on health and wellness for all.
May is the month of mental health
Helpline and Resources – U.S State/Federal sites
Mental Health Policy
Mental Health and Older Adults
Family Health

Mental Health disorders
Different Mental Health disorders

Children’s Mental health facts
CDC Mental Health Facts and Figures

World Mental Health perspective
WHO Mental guidance

Mental Health and Happiness
Mental Health Research

Coping with Stress
Stress Management techniques

Mindful Meditation
Mindful Mediation techniques

Music as a Stress Reducer
Music and Stress

COVID and Mental Health
COVID 19 and Mental Health Tips

Games/Apps with AR/VR
Games/Gamification for health

Pets and Mental Health
Pets improving mental health

We are focused on simple health based VR/AR immersive lessons. Classimmerse app which currently offers FREE HEALTH LESSON on human heart attack or stroke. Our health & sustainability lessons focus on major health issues and concerns. Heart attack is one of the leading cause of death in the U.S.

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