OC6- Oculus Connect – At San Jose -September 24-26

OC6 is an event organized by Oculus (Facebook) where technology and business leaders, evangelists have a place to connect and discuss the technology challenges in building for VR/AR using Oculus specific technologies. As a Oculus START member we had an unique opportunity to not only be part of the OC6 but also attend a series of events that allowed developers & businesses to know the ecosystem better

Oculus Education Summit, September 24
The highlight of this event was to showcase some of the VR work headed by universities like NYU , Stanford lab, NJIT etc to name a few. VR has been shown to provide not only better learning outcomes but also faster ability to finish tasks or work in training based scenarios.
Oculus Start, September 24-26
The various networking events allowed us to corroborate discussions on technical and other challenges in building education oriented applications. Games and Entertainment was a huge focus especially with the release of the new Quest and Rift/S based platform. One of the highlight vent was the Fireside chat with John Cormack who provided very good best practices for designing games and applications.
Oculus Connect 6 Main event, September 24-26 This was the key event with many demos and experiences including keynote sessions.Some of the sessions can be seen here. We attended sessions that looked into best practices of building for XR as well as managing the transition from Oculus GO to other devices in a roadmap that is improving design and other factors for better user experience. Though Quest had a great UX experience , its weight could not be a right fit for students.Women in VR research was an interesting insight into how women feel intimated in social vr based settings

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