Our One-To-One mentoring session

Our classes have started and we are thrilled to have students who have enrolled for one-one mentoring classes where we supplement traditional learning with engaging techniques, where learning science becomes an “experience” with immersive technologies. We study scalars and vectors in Maths and Physics, but do we realize how we use it in our day to day lives? Do you realize that the cool game that you are playing on your mobile is using all these concepts in physics we learn in school? Students understand a lot better with examples .If you have ever seen a show on science on television like “Cosmos”, do you see how every concept is linked to real life scenarios? We would like to experience the concepts “live” but in these day and age we may not be able to do real experiments in a real lab always. The answer to this is Immersive technologies with content that engages and recreates a real lab environment or teleport you to an amazing experience that lets you experience science beyond graphs and worksheetsLEARN WITH US

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