VR Lab(HTC Business Vive Rental with VR Ready Laptop Nvdia GTX 1060)-1


Virtual Reality (VR) Classroom for a day with our HTC Business Vive.Only for schools/institutions in NY/NJ. Do not pay prior to booking date/time at info@learnroll.com

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Bring VR in your classroom for a day with our business headsets(NJ/NY/CT)

You will have access to 1 HTC Vive with VR Ready Laptopfor a school/institution for 1 day

VR Rental Feature includes
1 Premium Business HTC Vive Enerprise Headset.
Tethered VR -with External Trackers. HTC Business Vive

  • HTC Vive Premium Headset with VR Ready Laptop and Accessories(Asus Nvdia GTX 1060)350 USD/day rental costt
  • Refundable Deposit for Breakage/Handling and Safety accessories Coverage costs. USD 200
  • 2 Consultants to help with the VR headsets/content and safely using it during classroom(Optional)”
  • Note – Rental Booking – Do not pay before confirming a date with us using the below email. Please contact us with details of your location, requested date/time and number of students per classroom at info@learnroll.com

    Note: Please mention if you require multi-day rentals.We will provide initial training to use equipment safely. The equipment is only meant for students 13 and above.The equipment are owned and licensed to Learnroll Immerse.