VR to Go – VR Classroom for a day


Virtual Reality (VR) Classroom for a day with our Oculus GO rentals and VR trained staff.

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Bring VR in your classroom for a day with our business headsets(NJ/NY)

You will have access to 10 Business Headsets for a classroom for a 3 hour rental period.

VR Rental Feature includes
10 Premium Business Standalone Oculus Go VR Headsets.
Standalone VR – Oculus GO

  • Each headset with 10 USD/hr rental cost
  • Breakage/Handling and Safety accessories Coverage costs for 10 Headsets
  • 2 Consultants to help with the VR headsets/content and safely using it during classroom”
  • Note – Rental Booking – Do not pay before confirming a date with us using the below form. Please contact us with details of your location, requested date/time and number of students per classroom.
    Book an Appointment

    Note: Please mention if you require multi-day rentals.We will provide initial training to use equipment safely. The equipment is only meant for students 13 and above.The equipment are owned and licensed to Learnroll Immerse as Value Added Resellers for Oculus GO with a FREE product key for an anatomy lesson.