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Do you have a history project and want to know more know about the Roman empire? Self-Learning Labs are for students and adult enthusiasts who would like to learn on their own without a tutor in our state-of-the-art lab. The immersive labs will be available to the students based on availability. The labs are open to both students and adults.

Sample VR Experience on Oculus Rift
Source : Domus VR/Oculus Library
Domus VR on Oculus Rift
What will I get access to?

You will have access to our lab equipment which include HTC Vive (Business edition), Oculus Rift with touch, Samsung Gear including our licensed purchased and free content using our business id connected to high-end performing desktops and laptops Alienware/Asus GTX 1080,1070 and Samsung high end mobiles. One of our team members will always be available for assistance with equipment and provide any other basic help or training.
For people interested in coding and VR, we provide software tools and editors for programming. We also provide FREE tips on programming for beginners.

Suggested Packages
Space Exploration
Art Studio
Expeditions in History
Music Studio
Simulated Learning
Note: Contact us to find out how you can use our lab. We can curate your learning experiences from our custom library. Contact us prior to purchase for availability.

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