Do you have a history project and want to know more about the Roman empire? Self-Learning Labs are for students and adult enthusiasts who would like to learn on their own without a tutor in our state-of-the-art lab. The immersive labs will be available to the students based on availability. The labs are open to both students and adults.

Sample VR Experience on Oculus Rift
Source: Domus VR/Oculus Library
Domus VR on Oculus Rift
What will I get access to?

You will have access to our lab equipment which includes
HTC Vive (Business edition)
Oculus Rift with touch
Samsung Gear with S8.
Alienware/Asus GTX 1080,1070
ArKit – IOS Mobile 8
Android 7 Development
Software and Hardware Tools
VR and AR content tools

Content Library – Educational (Preiew)
Suggested Packages
Space Exploration
Art Studio
Expeditions in History
Music Studio
Simulated Learning
Note: Some equipment can be rented on a daily basis for use in projects outside our premises with additional insurance. Contact us prior to purchase for availability.

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