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SDG learning hub

Sustain me - 3D & VR platform with a Unique curriculum

Sustain me – SDG Learning Hub using an immersive platform with a robust path from plan to action

SDG Learning Hub consists of different plans for learning & training.
Virtual Spaces on Rent – uses platform only approach where institutions can book “SDG rooms” customized based on the training program for the school.
The community or institution can use the SDG hubs for training based on the short program. You can also upload any custom scenes which if optimized shall be uploaded to the program

Mentor Driven – Get a customized program by our environmental expert and curriculum team who uses our design thinking aligned curriculum framework that help in solving real problems aligned to UN SDG goals which are local or global using a 5 step process.

Join a SDG community

Join us to create impactful courses that are personalized to your institution needs, local or global community.


A comprehensive design thinking framework that addresses specific goals based on real world problems

Goal based

Students and mentors solve real world problems aligned to UN SDG Goals using 3D and 360 from ideation to solutioning

Secure Cloud based

Secure B3B collaboration service with video, text, images, 360 video(self hosted or external) using peer to peer.

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