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lenape story

Cultural Stories

This indigenous story is a collection from stories of the tribe narrated by Nora Thompson Dean. The virtual story is narrated by a virtual avatar human guide in the voice of Mike Mac Ewan, an educator from New Jersey, USA. We at Learnroll have brought a beautiful Native American story to a new medium – virtual reality

About The Tribe

“We call ourselves LENAPE (len-NAH-pay) which means something like “The People.” Our ancestors were among the first Indians to come in contact with the Europeans (Dutch, English, & Swedish) in the early 1600s. The Delaware were called the “Grandfather” tribe because we were respected by other tribes as peacemakers since we often served to settle disputes among rival tribes” – Source Tribe

Virtual Reality

The current experience is available as a native Oculus Quest story. It uses a fireside traditional storytelling format that was used by the lenape tribe too to traditionally share stories. There is some simulation of the central character but does not use cartoon style simulation format.

The story has been created to be enjoyed in a seated position in a virtual forest beside the fire. Virtual Reality stories will provide you the much needed mental calm in a virtual forest during this pandemic.

We hope to bring this story to you in other formats too in future so you can experience the story in immersive 3D with or without VR headsets.

Seal is copyrighted by the Delaware Tribe of Indians. All rights reserved.

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