Summer Programs

This is not a summer camp but a advanced technology enabled summer program that engages students in experiencing technologies like AR(Augmented Reality) and VR(Virtual Reality) as part of mentor driven learning or self-learning engagements which is beyond traditional training.These are limited session(s) program introducing students to AR/VR learning experiences backed by high end devices and high speed internet

Science - Summer Programs

STEM made exciting with 3D experiences brought alive with DLP projectors.Create new gigs in science in Augmented Reality(AR) right in your real world!

The course schedule includes
1 hour 3D STEM programs include 3D Stereoscopic videos and virtual labs in Biology, Physics , Astronomy and Chemistry.
2 hour AR Gigs in Science using Android and Arkit.
Student create their own AR Science Gig.

Duration July 9 to July 13

Ages 10+ (Recommended 6-8 Grades)

Morning– 9am to 12pm

Evening– 1pm to 4pm

Cost $350 (Morning/Evening)

Maximum 8 students

Technology 3D Projectors, DLP Glasses, AR Android Tablets, Apple ARKits

Free STEM Project Book to every participant

coding - Summer Programs

This is a 3 Week intense coding exercise for serious coders that helps in introduction from basic to intermediate concepts using best practices, real hands-on programming skills.

The course schedule include

2 hour Hands-on coding and best practices session with a mentor

1 hour Test with Oculus Headset on VR Ready Desktop.Final 1 day assessment

Duration July 16 to August 13

Ages 13+(College/High School)

Morning -9am to 12pm

Evening -1pm to 4pm

Cost $3000 (Morning/Evening)

Maximum 4 Students

Technology Unity 3D, 2 VR Ready Laptop for Testing/Deploy, FIOS 150 Mbps/s, Oculus VR Headsets.Students need to get a Dev Mac/PC laptop with Pre-Installed Unity 3D

Free Standalone VR to Best Selected Coder (Based on Final 1 day Assessment)

studio - Summer Programs

This are self learning labs or studios for the self learner who likes to experiment on his own without a mentor.The studio can be booked for an hour to 3 hours in a day.This is a in a 400 sqft separate lab area with room tracking VR. The studio sessions are curated by us or you

Painting VR

Music VR

Virtual Speech Practice VR

Travel VR

Astronomy VR

General Experiences VR

Duration July 16 to August 13

Ages 13+(Adults/Young Adults)

Rental 1 to 3 hour block 9am to 6pm

Book/Cancel Booking based on Availability

Cost $50/hr or $100(3 Hour block discounted)

Technology : HTC Vive VR Commercial Edition, Room Tracked VR, Alienware GTX 1080 VR Ready Laptop, FIOS Business Internet 150 Mbps

The above classes will be run in our office/learning center which does not have any daycare facility.

The center houses high end devices and no cafeteria.
We have a small snack room which will serve water and nut free snacks only

The usage of VR devices requires signing a waiver by all participants.Students who are aged 13 to 17 must have the waiver signed by their parents.

The classes may be cancelled based on unknown or other factors and any course fees will be fully refunded

There is a registration fee of $50 which is not refundable

The Registration will be open till July 15, 2018

For Any enquiries write to us at This is the best way to reach us

Enquiry Form

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If you are interested in registering to the program please state "Register me" in the Message area. We will send a secure link for Registration to the verified email address. Registration form needs to be completed and signed.You can either send a scanned copy by email or mail us a printed & signed copy.

Registration and Waiver (PDF)

Registration Form(Please download, fill & sign it .To be accompanied with registration dues)