The Wise Raccoon- SDG 15 VR Story - Oculus Quest

The Wise Raccoon- SDG 15 VR Story - Oculus Quest/Quest 2

Everyone has a story and we all love stories – from any country of the world. The age old stories told by our grandma is still vivid in our mind and they all have unique lessons to teach without preaching. These stories teach us about preserving habitat, good health and more using funny animals or characters that inspire our imagination. The Wise Raccoon story uses a fireside narrative style and uses some animations of the central character but does not use cartoon style simulation so that those who are listening to the story can also “visualize” their own imagery in a comfortable seated position.

The first story The Wise Raccoon is a short story based on a native folklore from Ancient India adapted from the Ancient Jataka tales and can be replayed again with the guide and narrator.

Download for Quest/Quest2 (Hand Controllers required)

This is a unique story telling experience for adults and older youth(must be 13+ for VR). The app uses a teleportation mechanism with the Oculus Quest controllers. This is an early beta paid release version. To minimize motion sickness use teleportation controls provided and in a comfortable seated position.

Features of the VR Game

  • It uses VR storytelling concept blending traditional story telling format beside a fire.
  • Guided tour using a virtual avatar
  • We use a Visual Novel Concept but using a stage concept of a storyteller with a central character versus the cartoon style approach used for simulations
  • Available for Oculus Quest/Oculus Quest2
  • It is currently available on a Itch Store
  • Why is Sustainability important?
    One of the key reason for spread of some of the infectious diseases are loss of biodiversity and habitat and wildlife trafficking to urban areas. Sustainability goals are related to improving health and prevent widespread diseases like COVID-19.Our goals align to UN SDG 2030 Blueprint

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