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Virtual hub is a private collaborative metaverse service powered by WebXR technology with sustainable blockchain enabled technology. Virtual Spaces include mini portals where you access your personalized spaces. Please request for more information on Personalized Spaces and Metaverse as a Service model based on your training needs
It currently works with WebGL enabled browsers, which does not require any plug-ins to access or download for online or remote sessions.
It is a device agnostic web enabled collaborative solution that allow 3D, XR(WebXR) and may be accessed from PC/Desktop, Mobile, VR and MR Headsets.

Virtual Hub Spaces

1 month trial – Basic Model

  • Chrome/Firefox Latest Web Browser
  • Good Internet Connection Required.
  • We Create personalized scenes/rooms spaces from our collection 3D and 360
  • Access to 3rd party and Learnroll Library assets
  • In-room Waypoints and teleportation
  • Basic 1/2 Low fidelity simulations in rooms with audio/video chat customized
  • Video(Normal & 360), Video Avatars
  • Spatial Audio, Camera, Group chat
  • Monthly/Yearly no obligation simple subscription models
  • Private Metaverse

    Your own enterprise hub

  • Access to many FREE assets and rooms
  • Custom Digital Twin of your simulation center
  • Create your own Ready me Avatar-Lip-synced from selfie or build it with animations
  • Whitelabelled with Logo
  • Basic Support for a monthly/yearly cloud subscription
  • Add or Upgrade cloud services, custom simulations
  • Build and Monetize content that you create and partnership models.
  • Virtual Hub

    Collaboration in remote personalized spaces.
    We enable organizations/institutions/vocational training institutes to enable effective learning sessions and specific roles are created to enable virtual collaborative sessions. As with any virtual environment we need to ensure that sessions that are managed online are safe and private for use. Please ensure that you check our company’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Our initial Walk through with our advisor on a 30 minutes DEMO or TRIAL with groups of 10 to 25..


    Avatar Post Creation

    You may submit the custom avatar link here for approval. Once approved it will be available for use in Virtual Hub. All custom selfie avatars or created avatars need approval prior to use in Virtual Hub and is governed by partner policies and terms of use

    1. Do not use “Continue Sign up” and click to Next
    2. Copy the Custom URL and paste in the form below

    The Avatar Name that will appear on the screen. All the custom avatars will be in our public avatar library with the name selected. You may request upto 3 avatars.

    Custom Avatar

    We have partnered with READY PLAYER ME for LipSync Avatars. Avatars may be created from a SELFIE IMAGE or Camera. Please note any selfie image provided by cam or uploading is using 3rd party ReadyPlayer me API or SDK services and may store your images or process them

    Step 1 Click on Button Links to choose Avatar
    Step 2. Create your avatar with all details needed click “Next”
    Step 3 Once you are ready with the Final Avatar follow the Avatar approval form steps

    If you have any issues accessing the embedded link you may directly go the website below to generate your avatars.

    The metaverse model is currently under development including use of various modalities like AR, VR and Conversational AI models with secure blockchain with NFT using sustainable proof of stake mechanism.

    VRMedHub is a medical and health training private metaverse space that allows users with their own decentralized personalized healthcare spaces

    Learnroll pledges towards sustainable practices towards NET ZERO through its platform and services.

    Sustainable Net Zero

    FAQ - Virtual Hub - Pre-Requisites

    What is a Virtual 3D room? How does it look like?

    PACU ROOM | Virtual Hub - Google Chrome

    A virtual 3D room like above (sample room) will be created by an Admin. Each organization will be provided QR CODES or LINKS for room access. You can upload your Personalized logo or training to the room The moderator will allow users to access the system. Learnroll does not have an access to any users data other than the ADMIN user email to allow access. Admin assigns a moderator. It allows you to use specific controls to allow navigation based on moderator controls. Once a session begins your moderator will allow access to the guests in the session.

    It is based on a W3C Standard Web Technology Standard. Powered by Mozilla Hubs Cloud

    Once I get my code what should i do ?


    Once you have a valid code you may enter your room from your device. The room may be different for various sessions. To prevent any “Bombing” of sessions the code are invite only for demos. Any un-authorized session user may be “removed” out of the session by the moderator.
    Public rooms don’t need codes

    The Device is asking me to grant permissions. What should I do ?


    Tell us more about Learnroll Virtual Hubs
    Virtual Hubs is our B2B personalized cloud enabled 3D and VR spaces for health & medical, sustainable education/trainingusing 3D without downloading a plug-in. We use immersive 3D or 360 spaces to conduct safe personalized collaborative sessions.
    It is an easy to use 3D, private metaverse or theme based hub with added simulations, audio, games, lessons, training and experiences enabled within a web browser. The Virtual Hubs may have its own source code modifications to the core hub platform(Mozilla(Firefox creator)WebXR hubs cloud open source template)to enable various additional experiences for our own internal training needs too.

    What do you mean by “Not required to download plug-in”?
    Many video platforms and document system that you may have used will require you to download a plug-in for the software to run on your device. WebXR uses specific technology in WebGL enabled browsers to run 3D in a browser without any external downloads and also in special browsers in VR/AR devices like Firefox Reality or Oculus Browser.

    What is the pre-requisite for me to enable any of Learnroll Virtual Hubs?
    You will require to download the WebGL enabled latest browser listed below.
    Platform Browsers
    Windows-Firefox, Chrome, Edge (version 79+)
    Mac OS-Firefox, Chrome, Safari
    Android-Firefox, Chrome
    Standalone VR-Oculus Browser, Firefox Reality

    Source– Hubs Cloud
    Can I use Learnroll Virtual Hubs with my VR devices?
    Yes, if you have a VR device you can use the device to enter a room.
    List of supported devices are
    Desktop VR – Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed MR , HTC Vive with Firefox Reality or other WebXR browser. For enabling the Rift/Vive you need Oculus Desktop software, Steam VR
    Standalone VR – Firefox Reality Browser for Pico Neo2, Oculus Quest and Go
    Mobile VR – Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR ( with Mobile phones)
    *Many devices with lower power may not have optimal experience for 3D.
    Source – Hubs Cloud

    •Can I use my mobile phone or my tablet?
    Our hub is powered by WebGL compatible web browser. Mobile devices is not recommended Scenes may be optimized with compatible browsers just for 3D or VR and will run in an responsive way if the scene is highly optimized. However different phones have different hardware with models that may not be optimized for WebGL browsers, and hence some older phones or slower phones may not be able to support it optimally. It is recommended to use PC/MAC or VR device with our scenes

    What are the guidelines and code of conduct requirements?

    Code of Conduct and Guidelines
    All parties must follow the code of conduct and guidelines prior to ANY session – trial or other.

    I have now entered my room. What should I do and see?


    Your browser will ask you permissions to use your audio or speaker to enable voice. Make sure you “Allow” button for the browser prompt. Also ensure that the right device is enabled in case you use an external speaker or use the computer internal audio/voice. You may mute the microphone before the session begins if the moderator chooses so.


    Right Click 3 Icons dots on your right side of the screen.
    The platform guides you through a tour to get familiar with the controls. Each device may have different controls. The reference CONTROLS for supported devices is here
    Some Basic Controls on 3D
    WASD or Arrow Keys for UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT
    Q and E for turning Around
    Add /fly in your CHATBOX to FLY
    Once you enter the room please wait for the moderator to start a session. FACE THE MODERATOR or SESSION LEADER
    As it is a shared B2B space please ensure you follow the all the code of conduct guidelines. Also as a web enabled session please ensure you have a decent internet connection to prevent slow access or intermittent lagging or crashing. Be Respectful and Mute Audio when not using audio.

    Your moderator will guide you through the various controls prior to the session

    What is Browser Based Hardware Acceleration ? How do we enable it?


    You can enable Hardware Acceleration for your Browser from Chrome or Firefox using options as above for the session for optimal performance.The acceleration can be disabled later

    The Roles for the Virtual Hub

    Admin – Learnroll is the main admin and will allocate the rooms based on each use case scenario. This is a super admin and has the permissions to create rooms currently.
    Moderator – Each participating organization/individual enabling the collabortion room will be the moderator and has permission to moderate guest activity as well as access & permissions to disable or remove them from sessions. Moderator will provide guest codes to session registrants to join the session. Please note that the session code is meant only for the intended user only and any other user who is not invited may be removed by the moderator. The moderator has the right to remove any session guests.
    Guests/Learners/Instructors – All guest or users will have controlled access (via moderators) to chat, share screens, video, 3D workspace and will be invited into sessions via chat codes and links.

    How many users can be accommodated in room?
    It allows 25 users to currently be accommodated for a multi collaborative learning room.
    This can be customized based on specific use cases


    Please ensure you have a good PC & MAC to load the scene. MOBILE PHONES ARE NOT RECOMMENDED. IF the SCENE IS OPTIMIZED ONLY FOR 3D, DO not use VR.
    Spatial Audio can be an issue. FIRSTLY make sure you give permission to AUDIO and DO NOT MUTE AUDIO. You may need to change OUTPUT DEVICE if its not working correctly with BROWSER or RE-ENTER SESSION LEAVING THE ROOM.
    4.AUDIO ECHO – You can MUTE when not speaking or there is noise in your background. Keep your Volume low.
    6.HARDWARE ACCELERATION – Enable Hardware Acceleration in Browser (IN ABOVE SECTION)
    7. FIREWALL ISSUES – Hubs use 443/80 TLS and it may be restricted in some organization. Hubs would require you to open port 19302 on UDP and TCP by your IT Admin if inside the Firewall for 3D room access.
    8. VIDEO AND IMAGE LINKS – Some links like Video/Images loaded from external sources like Youtube may not work especially based on country restriction too

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