VR Self Learning Labs are for  students and adult enthusiasts who would like to learn using VR  on their own without a tutor. The VR labs are available for students and adults. The labs are also open to both groups and institutions.

All users must be 13 years of age. Additionally, all people who use our equipment must sign a waiver. For students who are below the age of 18, a parent or a guardian will need to sign the waiver. Adults who use our immersive devices can use it for academic or skill based learning only. VR Lab users will have access to all our licensed and free content for use with our organization user id only. VR labs should be booked, at least, a week in advance.

Immersive Devices Lab

-HTC Vive

-Oculus Rift with Touch

-Samsung Gear VR (with Samsung S8)


What kind of Self learning can I do?

You may use our various applications to enhance your skills, visit a new place, or do virtual simulations.

We have a wide range of content including chemistry, physics, biology, art, culture, Spanish, and French.

  • Art Studio – You can use applications like Google Tiltbrush and other VR apps to virtually paint in VR. Our team will assist and train users to use the equipment safely.
  • Space Exploration– You can experience some iconic science voyages and  expeditions like Apollo or Mars exploration. Our team will assist and train users to use the equipment safely.
  • Earth Science – You can experience scientific expeditions, research animal or plant life, do experiments, or create stories.
  • Music – Create your own virtual music studio! Enjoy and learn music using various virtual equipment.
  • Coding-You can use productivity tools and practice coding for VR and then test it in the lab using our coding labs with Alienware GTX 1080 machines, VR devices and 3D/VR software editors.
  • Duration of Lab: 1 hour
    Dates – Monday to Friday 10AM to 4 PM EST
    Saturday – 9AM to 12PM EST

    Groups of 2 to 4 will get a 10%-15% discount. Bookings by email and based on availability.

    Book now!

    Please reach out to us if you are a school or institution and would like to partner for 3D/VR/AR Consulting and Services for your own schools or Book our Labs.Special teacher or school discounts.