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XR technology has proven to make learning more engaging. If you are a school/college/university/career center based in NJ,NY, PA contact us for a FREE pilot in your classroom.We provide your classrooms for a entire day 10 business devices (Standalone VR-Oculus GO) . The classroom will get a chance to explore a interactive anatomy/health lesson aligned with UN SDG goals using a CDC case study with quizzes and assessments.
.Each of the demo/pilot will allow students and teachers to view a real life heart model and interact with it, view heart activity and how the heart pumps blood with different heart rates. Students are allowed to build on the knowledge and concepts to solve and address critical health problems like heart attacks

Free Pilot



References for content are accredited sources like CDC, EPA, WHO, UNDP and Open source courseware for Anatomy. Various resources used will be cited and attributed in the individual lesson details .

Life Sciences

Anatomy - Structure and Function - High School Level

Anatomy And Physiology - Level up - Pre-Med/Medical level



Template 5E Panels - Explore,Engage,Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate - Single/Multiplayer

Cross Platform 3DOF & 6DOF - Oculus GO and Oculus Quest (VR) (Mobile VR)

Lessons-Timed lessons and badges, 360 Case Study with 3D custom annotation, Personalized Q&A builder, Training mode(ML), 3D models , Voice/AI , Charts and Data , Random quiz and voice transcribe.


      ✔ XR Solution with Voice enabled learning & training.
      ✔ Interactive 3D models and activities
      ✔ Voice enabled smart quizzes and assessments
      ✔ Align to scientific 5E instructional model
      ✔ Cost Effective learning & training solutions
      ✔ Enterprise SaaS Solutions for easy classroom deployment
      ✔ Standalone XR provides ease of use and mobility



Students - 300+

Educators - 100+ Keys

Classimmerse Rating -Excellent

Career Readiness

There is a rise for S.T.E.M based jobs in the global market.Learners need advanced skills and knowledge for future workforce. XR technology is not a separate entity but an essential enabler of learning and training which enhance better outcomes by reducing complexity. Post secondary and Higher education stakeholders benefit more using XR based tools and technologies.

Practical Solutions

Short attention spans do not let us retain more using textbooks or lectures.
XR technology enabled “nugget sized” lessons help reduce complexity without requiring learners spend a lot of valuable time.We align with critical community or industry based case studies and problems that help students in the inquiry based thinking process.


Classimmerse is a multi platform XR product that uses the right fit technology based on lesson types. The multi-tier architecture allows user generated assets like 360 videos, images that can be integrated in actual classroom and training.Augment Lessons incorporate learning models, components that incorporate game based mechanics that reduce complexity !

*Middle & High School
*Vocational S.T.E.M training
*Hospitals and Patient Education

At Learnroll, we're committed to providing you Practical AR and VR solutions using technology that has been vetted with teachers, educators and students. This is just the beginning to more exciting features ahead. Our voice assisted lesson and training helps you supplement learning the natural way enriching content that can be implemented in a classroom or seated learning session.Mobile XR devices allow easy mobility for classrooms and labs.